Airtabs™ are patented after-market aerodynamic drag reduction add-on devices that provide users the following benefits;

FUEL SAVINGS: 2-5% range

SAFETY: Vehicle stability improvement, reduced lane excursions, roll over risk and improved handling in gusty wind conditions; Improved rear view mirror visibility and safer lane changes in rain or snow.

LOW COST: Rapid ROI in commercial use.

MAINTENANCE: No maintenance or special training required

RAPID INSTALL: Minimum vehicle downtime and no special equipment needed.


Fuel economy improvements are achieved by aerodynamic drag reduction at two key locations; the tractor-trailer gap and the back facing surface of any square backed vehicle or trailer including RVs, buses, straight trucks and cube vans.

Airtabs™ improve vehicle stability by altering the airflow at the vehicle's rear. The large random swirls at the rear doors are changed into dozens of small vigorous ‚Äústream-wise" counter-rotating vortexes that trail behind the vehicle. This increases stability, improves handling, reduces driver workload and fatigue and improves driver safety margins by reducing adjacent lane incursions.

Mirror visibility in rain or snow is also improved as Airtabs™ help suppress vehicle spray. Safety is improved through better mirror visibility yielding safer lane changes.

Airtabs™ reduce snow (and weight) and grime accumulation at the vehicle rear. Cleaning costs are reduced and safety is improved by keeping conspicuity tape, tail and brake lights cleaner.

Explore our Airtab® website for more information and how they can save fuel, improve vehicle stability and safety.


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